Bookworm Goa jumble sale for library

Help Bookworm Goa raise money to raise budding readers

The Bookworm Library, which is now 10 years old, is a charitable trust committed to nurturing and facilitating readers—and the love of books—across all ages. It takes libraries to children who may not otherwise have access to story-books, through the Mobile Outreach Program, and its Libraries in Schools (LiS) Program.

Bookworm organises an annual jumble sale to raise funds for the Libraries in Schools program. Last year the funds raised from the jumble sale contributed to 40% of the resources for the program. As they grow and intensify the work to take literature and literacy activities to children, the financial requirements have also increased as we offer the program to schools free or at a notional cost. Their 8thannual jumble sale is scheduled on Sunday, 14th of February 2016. 

In the academic year 2015-16 Bookworm Trust’s Libraries in Schools (LiS) program continue to support 8 under-resourced schools in different parts of Goa reaching 1244 children who receive books and a library experience. From June 2015 to October 2015 we have issued over 10,000 books to the children.

Please consider donating reusable items like Furniture, Books, Clothes, Electricals, Toys, Jewellery, Household, Gifts, Plants, Food and anything you feel that someone else will buy and reuse. Call 09823222665 for pickup or drop-off your jumble at Bookworm in Taleigao. 

They are also running an online fundraising campaign “RAISING MONEY TO RAISE READERS” (Link: Please consider donating to the campaign if you are not able to donate reusable items.

Looking forward to your support and generous donations.

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